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Did You Know LEGO Bricks Are A Part Of Scouting?

What Is Patrol Z?What do you get when you have thousands of LEGO pieces, a ton of games, a karaoke system, section officers from around the Northeast, and a weekend filled with total awesomeness?

You get the Northeast Region Gathering of Leaders, of course!

The 2011 Gathering was a weekend full of brotherhood, training and fun that took place at the Hawk Mountain Scout Reservation in Schuylkill Haven, Pennsylvania. Hosted by the Northeast Region Order of the Arrow Committee, it was a weekend to remember.

The event replaced the Section Officers Seminar and was designed to rejuvenate the old training that had been offered at the seminars for many years. Training is important, but let’s get to the fun part — the LEGO blocks!

LEGO Training

OK, so you don’t escape the training altogether; playing with the colorful blocks was actually a training activity too! Each section was given a set of LEGO bricks and directions to build the tallest tower in the least amount of time. Using teamwork, skill and a little bit of luck, each team worked to build the tallest tower.

From left; Section NE-3B Adviser Mike George, Staff Adviser Scott Hayden and Chief Keith Roscoe assemble their section’s LEGO tower during one of the sessions. (Photo by Kevin M.,Patrol Z Staff Reporter)

Now, on to the super-epic fun part. In addition to building towers, everyone also participated in some evening fun. Each section chose a song to sing for the Region Idol competition. Let’s just say that some of the leaders shouldn’t try to become the next big pop star. Songs were chosen from a variety of genres, everything from “Jingle Bells (Glee Edition)” to “Don’t Stop Believin’.”

Section advisers also participated in a game of Twister.

All of the activities were a great way to finish up the day of bonding and brotherhood. But to see for yourself, check out the photo gallery above!

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