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Experience The Magic Of The River

There’s something about rivers that captures our imagination. Could be the way it curls and breaks and sluices through and over the rocks. Could be the sound, the way the river almost seems to sing to us.

Right here in the New River Gorge, the mystical nature of water abounds. Sure the whitewater’s fun, the paddling instruction is helpful, and the water is refreshing, but there’s something else that goes beyond the tangible. The magic the river bestows on those who explore its waters is transformative, something you carry with you forever.

If you’ve never experienced the river, here are 4 reasons you should:

1. River Time
The river has a way of changing how time flows. Time seems to slow down and the moment, the now, wraps itself around you. It’s a welcome break in a world of ever-increasing distractions. And it’s one of the few times you get to just “be.”

2. The World Connection
The New River has been flowing through the gorge for eons. Some claim it’s the oldest river in the world in its original river bed. Whatever the details, paddling the New connects you to different eras in time, to the very water that shapes the world.

3. Self-Discovery
The river has a way of bringing out characteristics in yourself that you may have suspected were there but never really knew for sure. From leadership to newfound confidence to inner peace, the river brings out the best in people.

4. Perspective
That connection we mentioned also provides perspective on a person’s place in the world, the grandness of it all. How fortunate we are to be able to take a trip down the river and truly be a part of the world in which we live.

Do you hear the river calling?

If you do, check out The River program at the Summit. This unique program not only will set you up for success on paddling adventures in the future, but also will touch your soul.

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