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Find Your Inner Fish At The Summit

There will be gallons of different ways to get wet at the jamboree.

Will you be able to jump into them all in 10 days?

Sign up for scuba and snorkeling. Located in a sunny area near Mayhem Mountain, the aquatics Adventure Area will have four above-ground pools, just like you might have seen at Fort A.P. Hill.

Make sure you have your BSA swim certification level of “Swimmer” to be able to participate in these.

Like a more natural water source? The Summit will even have lakes right on-site.

At the lake, you’ll be able to participate in dragon boat racing. Based on the ancient folk ritual from Asia, you and a team of Scouts will paddle in competition against other dragon boats. In traditional races, sometimes large numbers of paddlers pile into one boat!

The lake will also host a water-based obstacle course. Start your jumping jacks now to limber up — you’ll need to splash with speed to get over, under and around everything the Summit will put between you and the finish line.

Shh, Secret
And, hey, here’s a hint on a top-secret lake activity: We can’t tell you all the details yet, but the Mariner Adventure is going to be a blast.

And, don’t forget, you also might have a chance to try whitewater rafting on the New River. Rafting will be one of the half-day adventures offered during the jamboree.

Are you ready to get wet? Which water adventure will you aim to try first? Head over to and register today.

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