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Fired Up At The Summit

Scout Shooting Equipment
Premium upgrades turn off-the-shelf 22's into accurate "tack drivers." (Photo by John Trainor/Flickr Creative Commons)

When the Summit opens in 2013, thousands and thousands of Scouts will get their shooting and archery merit badges here.

We think that’s pretty cool.

The Summit will be the home of one of the best courses ever. Mike Davey, world-class shooting range designer from the Shooting Academy in Phoenix, Arizona, is the lead designer of the Summit shooting range.

“What we’re doing here is taking that same type of design work [from other ranges], but going to make it the best there is around,” said Davey.

If you’ve ever been to a shooting range, it was likely to have about 24 to 36 shooting stations. The course at the Summit will have an unbelievable amount of stations, possibly over 150.

That’s a lot of shooting over a lot of land. The range at the Summit will span across 60 acres to keep everyone safe. And it’s going to keep Scouts very, very busy.

60 Acres Of Shooting Ranges

[pullquote]“We’re going to make it the best there is around.” — Mike Davey, Summit shooting range designer[/pullquote]

So what makes this range better? The 60-acre course, filled with valleys, hills and lakes, is “a designer’s dream,” according to Davey. Other shooting ranges in the country and around the world have set the bar for the range that will be at the Summit. Davey plans on completely surpassing that bar.

Oh, and also? It’s ginormous.


According to Tom Wagner from Trinity Works, the firm that’s in charge of the design and construction at the Summit, there are going to be lots of different activities offered throughout the shooting facility.

Scout Shooting Range
Can you shoot 15 shots that can be covered by a quarter? It's a key step to qualify for the rife shooting merit badge. (Photo by richardmasoner/Flickr Creative Commons)

There will be archery, shooting clays, dynamic targets and 3D courses,Wagner said.

So don’t overlook the shooting range at the Summit (actually, you probably couldn’t if you tried.) Regardless of whether you’re an expert or a rank beginner, you’re going to get fired up.

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