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Going The Extra Mile To Get To The Shakedown

How far would you go to join a contingent to see the Summit. We found 2 Scouts who went more than a few extra miles.

Across the country, Scouts  assembled for the 2012 Summit Shakedown, which began Friday. The Shakedown is being put on in preparation for the 2013 National Scout Jamboree.

In central Indiana, a contingent of Scouts gathered from across 3 councils to head South East towards Fayette County, West Virginia, the new home of the Summit Bechtel Reserve.

Most of the Scouts and Venturers are coming from across the Hoosier state, but 2 young men, Tyler T. and Collin B., made the drive from Wisconsin to join this group heading to the Summit.

Both Tyler and Collin hail from the Glacier’s Edge Council that encompasses Wisconsin and parts of Illinois. Their council’s contingent to the Shakedown had filled all its spots for their Venturing crew, and these 2 Scouts were desperate to find a way to the action-packed event.

Luckily for them, one of their council executives used to hold a position with Hoosier Trails Council in southern Indiana. A few phone calls were made and soon the boys were on their way to Indianapolis to join the contingent.

And, they can’t be more excited.

Tyler said, “I’m super excited for the zip line!”

How far would you go to make it to the Shakedown?

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