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How to be a “Green Team” Member

For over 100 years the BSA has been a leader in conservation and teaching youth how to respect our environment. The Summit presents us with an even greater opportunity. Individually, we all have the responsibility to help make The Summit more “Green” and to set an example for a new generation of youth. In the area of trash we will be taking some new approaches. We will ask everyone to take individual responsibility to help reduce their own waste going to the landfill and increase materials that are reused or recycled. Our 2017 objective is NET ZERO – recycle as much as goes to the landfill.

How you can help: Program/Service Areas

  • Designate a staff member in your group to be “The Recycle Ranger” who will lead recycling/ green efforts for your area.
  • When unpacking BOMs do not cut the clear or black plastic pallet covers. Save them and REUSE to recover pallets at end of Jamboree. Save the shrink wrap; do not put in dumpsters. Your Green Team Rep will collect them.
  • The Jamboree Recycle Green Team will have liaison officers assigned to each area of the Jamboree to support and assist your efforts.
  • Include Recycle/sustainability plans in your staff training. Your Green Team Liaison will be available to conduct a 10-minute orientation if requested.
  • Provide a receptacle for recycle anywhere there is a trash container.
  • Examine operations in your area for opportunities to REDUCE or REUSE waste and increase recycling. Ask your Green Team rep if you have materials you believe could be recycled.
  • Instruct participants to take any waste (primarily lunches) back to their campsite to put into their unit recycle stream or to a dumpster. Encourage them to do so. “Pack it in – Pack it out.”
    • Outside of Summit Center all trash receptacles must be metal and bear-proof or secured in a building not accessible to wildlife.
    • All trash/recycle containers must emptied to dumpsters at the end of each day to prevent bears and other animals from getting into them.
  • There will be NO CARDBOARD dumpsters at this Jamboree. Cardboard will be collected to be compacted on site and resold. Small amounts of cardboard are to placed in the Recycle dumpsters.
  • A SIGN on the dumpster, not the color, will designate the proper contents.
  • Acceptable items for the recycle dumpster are: Plastic bottles of type #1 and #2, aluminum and metal cans, plastic grocery type bags, cardboard and paper.
  • Green Team will have signs available for your use in program areas to encourage recycling.
  • Don’t sabotage the recycle effort. When recycle dumpsters go to the recycle center, if they contain materials not on the above list, all will go in the landfill. All our recycle efforts will be wasted, and we will get charged twice.

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