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Happy Feet: Kicking Around The 2013 Jambo

What Is Patrol Z?Walking is the way to go at the Summit. Here are a couple of pointers for taking care of your feet while getting around the 2013 National Scout Jamboree:

It’s All About the Shoes

While hiking boots provide more support and warmth, a pair of trail runners or low cut boots will best suit you for activities at the Summit. Each is designed to be comfortable for general use yet rugged enough for anything from rock climbing to mountain biking.

Many of the trails at the Summit can be damp or muddy. Thus, waterproofing—or having Gore-Tex– or Outdry-lined shoes—would be wise. However, remember that over waterproofing traps in sweat and makes it harder to clean or repair your shoes. Finally, your feet will thank you if you break in a new pair of kicks before arriving at the Summit. Wear them around the house or walk the dog a couple times to get them worn in.

Another Secret 

Pack camp shoes—like Crocs—to wear around camp to give your boots a chance to dry out in the sun. Besides, they can double as water shoes for whitewater rafting and shower shoes, so you kill two (or three, maybe?) birds with one stone there.

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