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How Are Plans For The Opening Event At The Summit Going?

You’d have to be living under a mushroom to not know about the Summit’s opening event, the 2013 National Scout Jamboree. With this being our first jamboree at the Summit, even experienced jamboree staffers have many questions. I thought I’d use this week’s blog to answer some of the most frequently asked questions:

What duffel bag will we receive?

Each participant and staff member will receive a 115-liter duffel made by Osprey.

What size tent will we live in?

Unit youth and adults will live in 9-by-9.5-foot tents. Two youth will live in each tent. Unit leaders will each have a tent to him or herself. Staff members will live in 10-by-12-foot tents, with four staff members to a tent. Cots will be issued to both units and staff. Unit youth and adults will receive individual cots. Staff members will sleep on two-high bunk cots.

What should I bring to the jamboree?

The best place to find what to bring is located on page 38 in the Council Guide published on the jamboree website:

How are transportation arrangements being handled?

Unit transportation is at the discretion of your local council. We are teaming up with Transportation Management Services, a national transportation company, which councils can elect to use. Check with your local council jamboree ambassador for details on your unit’s movements.

Both councils and staff members are required to register their travel plans with TMS. For staff, TMS will be coordinating shuttle service to and from the Summit from both Charleston, West Virginia’s, Yeager airport and Charlotte, North Carolina’s, Douglas airport. Check the jamboree website (, page 27) for additional details.

What does a typical participant’s day look like at the 2013 jamboree?

There’s a one-page sample daily schedule on the last page of the Council Guide mentioned above, but this subject deserves a broader explanation, so I’ll cover more in my next blog.

See you then!



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