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How Is Summit Construction Coming?

Summit Director Dan McCarthyIt occurred to me as I was considering what to address in this week’s blog that I haven’t updated you on the progress on the Summit in some time. Much like a parent who doesn’t realize how much their child has matured until someone else mentions it, it hadn’t occurred to me that a lot has been accomplished since I last addressed the issue. So, here’s a quick update on our construction status:

  • The first of our four dams was inspected this week. As soon as we receive the “OK” from the state, we’ll begin filling the lake behind the dam. The remaining three dams are close to being completed and are expected to be complete by the end of November.
  • One of our two water tanks will be completed this month. The second will be completed in November.
  • Our mountain bike trails are essentially complete and work is progressing on our hiking trails.
  • The main cables are being pulled on the CONSOL Energy wing-tip bridge that will connect Action Point to basecamps A and B.
  • We set the uppermost piece of steel on the Sustainability Treehouse this week.
  • At Mayhem Mountain, the BMX tracks are essentially complete; work is underway on our skateparks.
  • The elective portion of the Canopy has been completed, and work on the curriculum venues is well underway.
  • Climbing Cove in Adventure Valley is taking shape rapidly, as is Boulder Cove in Summit Center.
  • Shooting stands are being moved into the Barrels.
  • The test lines on the Summit Center zip lines are being strung.
  • Work has begun on clearing the Bows.

In short, we’ve largely transitioned from the relatively slow work of moving dirt and laying underground utilities to the much more rapid work of putting the program venues together. There’s noticeable progress every day now. It’s exciting to watch.

Now, for those of you who read the above and did not understand what I was talking about, you have some research to do.  I suggest you go to and educate yourself. 🙂

See you at the Summit!


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