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How Long did you Travel

After a very long day of arrivals, check-ins, and campsite set-ups, we’re just glad to be here in West Virginia. But with the long journey still fresh in our minds, we were wondering how Scouts from all over the country had experienced the long haul.

On Thursday, JamboLink surveyed 50 Scouts at Action Point with the question, “How long did it take you to travel to the Summit?” We asked our respondents to calculate the total time on the road or in the air, not accounting for overnight stops or tourism.

The average time in transit among our sample group was 12.3 hours, or just over half a day of travel. That’s a lot of waiting! We’re constantly amazed at the dedication Scouts show in order to get themselves here, and this survey tells the same story.

Although we didn’t include them in our data, we heard about a lot of fun sightseeing stops troops made on their way here. The most common were in Washington D.C.; Gettysburg, Pennsylvania; Hershey, Pennsylvania; Jamestown, Virginia; and service projects at West Virginia University.

Once next Friday rolls around, we’re wishing you a shorter, sweeter trip home!

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