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How Much For 10 Days Of Adventure?

Are you ready for the greatest 10 days of your life? Good; it’s coming. For 10 days you’ll be skateboarding, whitewater rafting, zip-lining, rappelling, mountain biking, hiking and lots more in the New River Gorge! That’s what SBR is all about.

But before you head out to the Summit, let’s take a look at the different participant fees. The fees are different depending whether you’re a Scout, Venturer, adult leader or staff. But luckily for you, the 2013 National Scout Jamboree fee covers program material, food, insurance and equipment, including a tent and cot. You’ll also receive a “Jambo 13 Kit” that includes your very own Summit duffel bag.

Are You A Scout Or A Venturer?

The national registration fee is $850. But don’t forget to check with your local council for the full fee, which includes the national fee as well as tour fees.

Are You An Adult Leader?

The adult leader pricing depends on your age and looks like this:

National Fee - Jamboree Pricing

Are You A Staff Member?

The staff member pricing depends on your age and which session you attend, and looks like this:

Jamboree Pricing For Staff

We know that it’s difficult to take 2 weeks off from your work and family, so new to the 2013 Jamboree is the option to come for only half of the Jamboree. We hope that this will better fit with some of your busy schedules, and we can’t wait to see you in 2013 for half (or all!) of the event.

[pullquote]“We want the Jamboree to be available to everyone” – Larry Pritchard, 2013 Jamboree Director.[/pullquote]

For all information regarding payment types, payment schedules and refunds, please refer to the Summit’s 2013 Jamboree section. The flexible scheduling options and decreased cost for staff members and adult leaders under the age of 26 will hopefully encourage more great Scouters to attend and assist.

“We want the jamboree to be available to everyone,” says Larry Pritchard, the 2013 Jamboree Director.

Any questions? Post a comment below, and let us know what’s on your mind.

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