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How To Meet Scouts From Saudi Arabia [AUDIO]

The Jamboree Fireside Stories project is recording the experiences that have made the national Scout jamboree a lifetime memory for more than a million Scouts and Scouters.

You can share your jamboree story by calling the Jamboree Fireside Story Line at 786-7-JAMBO-7. You can also record it on the Summit’s SoundCloud channel, or upload a pre-recorded audio file there.

Here’s one Scout’s story:

[audio:|titles=Jamboree Fireside Story from Josh G.]

I am Joshua Gathright and I’m from Andover, Kansas. I attended the 2010 National Jamboree at Fort A.P. Hill, Virginia, with the Istrouma Area Council out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. My biggest memory about the jamboree was my troop — Troop 1532 — had a contingent of Saudi Arabian Scouts staying with us and I just enjoyed for the entire time we were at the jamboree, and even the pre- and post-tours, getting to know foreign Scouts and how they lived and what sport they were in, just getting to know foreigners. And that’s what sticks out to me. Never mind the fact that there were other probably better things to do there.

But if you’re looking to go to the jamboree, and if you’re looking to meet foreigners, it is definitely the place to do it.

So, what’s your jamboree story? Give us a call and share the story you love to tell around the campfire!

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