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All Things About the Worldwide Scouting Movement

Scouting is a worldwide organization. How does that work? Two words – WOSM and NSO – sum it up pretty well. So what is a WOSM, and what is an NSO?

WOSM is the World Organization of the Scout Movement, a confederation of 166 National Scout Organizations. WOSM, through the World Scout Bureau located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, helps NSOs improve and broaden their Scouting by training professionals and volunteers, establishing sound financial policies and money-raising techniques, improving community facilities and procedures and assisting in marshaling the national resources of each country behind Scouting. WOSM also helps arrange global events such as world jamborees, encourages regional events and acts as a liaison between the Scouting movement and other international organizations.

NSO stands for National Scout Organization. NSOs support and develop Scouting in a particular country and facilitate contacts with other NSOs and the World Organization of the Scouting Movement. A given country can have only one NSO.

How is your knowledge of international Scouting? How many of these “Did you knows” did YOU know?

Did you know:
Scouts from Trinidad and Tobago are all pannists? That means they play the steel pans (drums).

Did you know:
More than 100 interpreter strips have been earned at the Jamboree!

Did you know:
Scouts from Australia travelled farther — 9,686 miles — than those from any other country to get to the 2017 National Jamboree.

Did you Know:
Scouting is a global movement with over 40 million members worldwide, all part of one of the 166 National Scout Organizations in the world.

Did you know:
The Boy Scouts of America is represented in world contacts and developments by the international commissioner. The international efforts of the BSA are supported by the International Committee, one of the operating committees of the National Executive Board, and the staff of the International Department at the national office.

Did you know:
There are 166 NSOs in the world. The newest member, San Marino, joined on July 14. Of the 166 NSOs, 130 belong only to WOSM, while 34 belong both to WOSM and to The World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) and are jointly referred to as SAGNOs (Scout And Guide National Organizations).

Did you know:
At the jamboree, Scouts can earn Interpreter strips in twelve languages at the International Scouting Exhibit
at Summit Point. Languages available include Arabic, Cantonese, Danish, French, German, Hungarian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Portuguese, Spanish and Thai.

Did you know:
To earn an interpreter strip one must demonstrate competence in a foreign language, sign language for the hearing impaired or Morse code. In foreign language and sign language one must show their ability by carrying on a conversation, translating a speech, writing a letter (does not apply to sign language) and translating from the written word. A strip for Morse code can be earned by carrying on conservation in which one receives and sends messages at a rate of at least 5 words per minute.

Did you know:
The Messengers of Peace Program has produced over 761,964,610 service hours through 323,891 service projects around the world.

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