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Is It Lunchtime Yet?

The 2013 National Scout Jamboree will offer a different experience for everyone, but there’s one thing that everyone will have in common. Food.

The Summit will buy in bulk to reduce expenses. (Photo by redzonk)

Whether you spend your morning hiking, biking, swimming or skateboarding, you’re eventually going to want some lunch.

Jamboree developers are working closely with the Compass Group, a food service management organization, to help ensure efficient (and delicious) food distribution to every participant.

The Meal Plan So Far

“This is a jamboree on the go,” said Larry Pritchard, the 2013 jamboree director.

To accommodate the on-the-go atmosphere, jamboree organizers have planned a system that will allow you to keep going all day long.

[pullquote]”This is a jamboree on the go.” — Larry Pritchard, 2013 jamboree director[/pullquote]

You’ll get your lunch with your breakfast – a change from the past several jamborees. That means you won’t have to interrupt your activities to hike to a lunch kiosk.

“If Scouts are going to ‘Mayhem Mountain,’ they’re carrying lunch with them, and then can eat whenever they want,” said Pritchard.

The Menu

So what will that lunch consist of, you ask? Good question.

Organizers are working alongside head chef Patrick Tarr from the Compass Group to create the menu for the jamboree. They haven’t created a specific meal plan yet, but they have decided upon a few things.

  1. All meals will require minimal preparation. Jamboree organizers want to make sure you spend more time on the fun stuff like climbing, biking and skateboarding and less time mixing, stirring and shaking.
  2. You’ll have options. The Summit will offer both halal and kosher foods and enough non-meat items that vegetarians can create a meal as well.
  3. Scouts will be able to build their own lunch. For example, that banana you won’t eat will go to someone who will, and you can grab an apple instead. This means less food will be wasted and more Scouts will have full stomachs.

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