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It’s Climb Time

Crew 5.14 put down the tools and picked up the gear in the second installment of Adventures in Service. With their new appreciation for the New River Gorge sandstone, Venturers climbed some of the rock they helped to re-equip earlier in the day.

New River Alliance of Climbers (NRAC) guides set up the ropes and belayed the group on some of the classic climbs found at Fern Buttress. They also taught the Venturers a variety of skills to improve their rock-climbing technique.

Jay Young, one of the NRAC guides, demonstrated proper falling positions and led the crew through falling drills. The drills help to prepare climbers for lead climbing, which has more challenging falling scenarios that require situational awareness and body control.

In the next New River Rendezvous Adventures in Service video, the crew will get an opportunity to apply what they have learned as they go rock climbing in the nearby Meadow River Gorge.

The Venturers who are ready will even have a chance to try lead climbing.  It’s going to, well, rock.

What techniques work for you?  Post your tips and tricks for rock climbing in the comments section below and check out Part 1 of the series.

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