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Lightning Safety

When it roars, get indoors.

Lightning strikes are one of the most unpredictable weather occurrences, and lightning strikes can be lethal. When a lightning alert is issued at the Summit, find shelter immediately.

Good places for shelter include the centers of buildings, exhibit tents and large administration tents. Jay Cash, Base Camp safety liaison, said that even though these types of tents are not the ideal structures to avoid lightning strikes, at the Jamboree they will suffice. Participants should stay in the center and avoid the metal poles and siding that could allow for electricity to flow through or catch fire.

If a participant is on Garden Ground Mountain or other area that is high in elevation and doesn’t provide proper shelter at the time of a lightning alert, get to lower elevation and below the tree line. Then find proper shelter from lightning. In a open area that lacks shelter, spread out from other people and get low to the ground to avoid being struck by lightning.

If on a vehicle such as a ATV or UTV when a lightning alert is issued, park the vehicle and find shelter immediately. However, if in a car or bus, remain in the vehicle, roll up the windows and wait until the storm passes or the Summit issues an all-clear announcement.

If lightning strikes someone, call the Summit dispatch center at 304-465-2900. Provide first aid which may include responding to bleeding, obstruction of airway and burns.

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