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I Lost my Name Tag, Now What?

The name tag you wear around your neck is one of the most important things to always have on your person at Jamboree. But if you lose your credentials, follow a few simple steps to get your identity back.

First, go to Lost and Found and see if they have your credentials. Each base camp has a Lost and Found for you to check for any missing items.

If Lost and Found does not have your name tag, then go to your subcamp headquarters and tell them that you’ve lost your credentials. Tell them your real and full name, what type of attendee you are (Boy Scout youth, Venturing youth, adult leader, volunteer staff), Jamboree troop/crew number and name of your council.

Base camp staff will receive your replacement credentials in approximately one day, and they will forward the name tags to your subcamp headquarters for pickup. Patience is requested because of the high volume of replacements.

Lost activity tokens for program areas cannot be replaced.

Also, security officials advise staff and participants not to post pictures of their credentials online, because doing that causes a security risk. As fun as it may be to post a close-up picture of your name tag, it is much safer to make sure all of your personal information is not posted online.

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