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Medical Forms – Turn it in, Keep it Handy!

Youth, Scout Leader or Staff – everybody participating in the 2017 National Jamboree is required to have a medical exam and submit the BSA’s required Annual Health and Medical Record online. If you missed the April 19 deadline goal for early AHMR registration you still have time to submit your form – but it may cost you a bit of time on check-in day at The Summit. With more than 35,000 campers expected on-site at The Summit, its critical that information about your current health and medical records be as accessible as possible. If a camper should become ill, the Jambo medical staff on-site are ready to respond.

The Summit is a high adventure camp, and though every consideration has been made to ensure the safety and security of all participants, every Scout (and Scoutmaster!) knows that “accidents happen.” Thats why the BSA partners with the American Red Cross to develop a First Aid curriculum that every Tenderfoot, Second Class and First Class Scout is required to learn.

As a Troop Leader, it’s a smart idea to have a copy of each of your Scouts’ AHMR in a small binder that you can keep with you in your tent or daypack during the Jamboree. Medication lists, parent or guardian phone numbers, allergies – all can be useful in an emergency if you have quick access to it. Its a good idea to encourage your Scouts to bring a copy of their AHMR in a plastic zip-lock bag and tucked away inside their daypack – Be Prepared!

One final idea – since the AHMR includes the birthdate of each member of your Troop, leaders can scan through those dates to see if any of their campers will be having a birthday at Jamboree and perhaps plan something special! Be creative – and have a camera ready!

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