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Momentary De-FEET – Preventing Foot Problems

By the end of the Jamboree, you may think that your hiking shoes look like these.

But in reality, a good pair of properly fitted, closed toe and heel hiking shoes will be worth their weight in gold. If you take care of your shoes, your feet will appreciate it.

Some of the injuries that the Jamboree Medical staff have reported are:
Sprained or twisted ankles where there is no support when hiking along the trails or roads
Cut or sliced toes or cuts and punctures on the bottom of the feet due to sharp rocks or other objects
Torn or ripped-off toenails from doors leading into or out of buildings

The Jamboree Guide specifically states that closed-toed hiking shoes or boots must be worn at all times, except when in the showers (or in your tent). We advise that you wear your regular, closed toe and heel shoes to and from the showers, but in the showers you can switch to your sandals, clogs or flip-flops.

Help keep the Medical staff less busy, by taking care of your feet and wearing the proper shoes or boots.

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