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New! Trading Cards at Jambo: What to Know

The 2017 National Jamboree has added a new activity that encourages Scouts to be active and involved in meeting others: card trading.

Each Scout at the Jamboree should have received 13 packs of WP Trading Cards, in hopes that the Scouts would try to trade cards and get all one hundred in the numbered set. These cards depict famous Scouters, like Mike Rowe and John F. Kennedy, along with historical figures who were critical to the Scouting movement, like William D. Boyce and E. Urner Goodman.

While trading cards is fun in itself, an extra challenge also is available. One thousand copies of a special 101st card, entitled the “Golden WP card,” have been printed but not included in the card decks that were handed out to Scouts.

Starting Sunday afternoon, clues about the locations of the golden WP cards will be pushed out on the official 2017 National Jamboree app, hinting where Scouts should go or who they should talk to.

A Scout who gathers all 101 cards can bring the deck to Jamboree Headquarters to claim a free Boy Scouts of America 2017 National Jamboree Linerlock knife. There are 1,000 knives available — the same as the number of golden WP cards to be found — so the activity is not a race. Only youth are eligible to claim a knife.

A Scout who did not receive the 13 packs of trading cards can ask for help from the program leadership at subcamp or base camp headquarters.

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