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Osprey® Kestrel 58 | The Z Review

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For a pack under $150 that can last your entire backpacking career in Scouting, the Osprey Kestrel 58 is a pretty decent deal.

At a glance, the pack has numerous special features, such as trekking pole/gear loops and extremely customizable shoulder straps and hip belt — features that usually only higher end packs have, so needless to say, I was excited to dig a little deeper.

[pullquote]“In case you also find yourself in a wet situation, the pack also has a built-in rain cover.”[/pullquote]

After rooting around into the pack’s specs a bit further, I learned the frame itself is made from very supportive and breathable EVA foam, which is unusual for most internal frame packs. The nice flow of air comes from Osprey’s patented “AirScape,” a frame model used in most of the Kestrel series frames. That will come in very handy in places like the Summit, where it can get hot and humid during the summer months.

The pack’s fabric is a durable and water-resistant material great for both winter and summer trips. In case you also find yourself in a wet situation, the pack also has a built-in rain cover, usually something you would buy as an accessory, and I found this to be very appealing.

The only downside is that the pack is not as lightweight as higher-end designs and, depending on the weight and amount of equipment you have, can become quite heavy. The fact that the frame is internal and distributes the load better than a standard external frame helps out a bit, but you can still have quite the load by the end of the day.

Ultimately, I am excited to give this pack a more extensive field trial, and definitely would recommend it to the members of my crew.

 The Osprey Krestrel 58 is available on for $129.99.

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