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Ready to “Live Scouting’s Adventure”? Let’s check!

We’re hitting the homestretch. It’s been months, perhaps years, of anticipation, but thousands of eager Scouts, Scouters, Venturers, and volunteers are gearing up to march into the Summit Bechtel Reserve this July for the 2017 National Jamboree.

But before those life-changing adventures get underway, it’s important to step back and make sure everything’s in order so your Summit experience can go as smoothly as possible. With fewer than 60 days until #2017Jambo kicks off, you’ll want to be proactive in checking these odds and ends off of your list. In fact, here’s a handy checklist regarding the various items participants and staff members should be handling right now.

  • Youth Protection Training
    • Who needs it? – All adult leaders and all staff volunteers.
      Is mine good? – You’re good to go with YPT if it is completed within one year of the last day of the 2017 Jamboree – no earlier than 7/28/2016 (this is an enhanced requirement to the normal two-year timeframe). If your certificate is not, you’ll need to get it renewed.
      How do I get it? – YPT can be taken on the BSA’s website.
  • Annual Health and Medical Record
    • Who needs it? – Everyone attending the Jamboree.
      When should I submit it? – This is one of the most urgent pieces of registration, since the deadline for submitting your AHMR online has already passed. If you don’t have a recent physician’s examination filled out, schedule that appointment and get the forms filled out.
      What do I need? – Parts A, B, and C of the BSA’s medical form. Part C, completed by a healthcare provider, may not have been completed before July 1, 2016. Find the form and more detailed instructions on the process.
  • Jamboree Fees
    • Who needs it? – All attendees should ensure their payments are up to schedule.
      What should staff members do if they’re not fully paid? – The deadline has already passed for full payment, so make sure to get outstanding fees settled online as soon as possible. You can make payments online. Make sure to have your registration code on hand.
      What should participants do if they’re not fully paid? – Get in touch with your council’s contingent representative.
  • Jamboree Gear
    • Who needs it? All attendees should make sure they’re prepared for a great experience with appropriate, comfortable, and durable apparel and gear.
      What should I pack? Find a great packing list online.
      What options do I have? Along with your favorite outdoor retailers, the Jamboree Catalog is online at! To find exclusive 2017 Jamboree and SBR merchandise, visit the 2017 Jamboree page of and input your Jamboree Registration ID.
  • Visitor Passes
    • Who needs them? – Anyone not registered as a participant or staff member who wants to come join in the fun and experience what the Jamboree has to offer!
      What do they cover? – Jamboree visitor and participant passes offer access to the Scott Summit Center, the hub for Jambo activity. The Summit Center includes the AT&T Stadium, Brownsea Island, select high-adventure activities, the trading post, and a variety of exhibits and displays. A special Saturday Show Pass offers access to the exciting stadium show on Saturday, July 22!
      How do I purchase one? – Check out this page for information about different types of passes, their dates of availability, and how to purchase.
  • Staff Arrival Info

That’s all we’ve got for you right now! Use this checklist in the coming weeks and months to make sure by the time you’re rolling into the Summit to Live Scouting’s Adventure like never before, the important elements are already out of the way.

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