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Recreation for Staff provided by the Order of the Arrow

After a long day at the 2017 National Jamboree, staff members who are looking to sit back, relax, destress, and have a good time will have plenty of opportunities. The Operation Arrow Recreation Committee, an integral portion of Operation Arrow’s headquarters team, welcomes jamboree staff, International Scouts, Explorers and Venturers to stop by the recreation area in-between Basecamp Echo and Foxtrot each night for the ultimate relaxation experience at the D-Stress zone and plenty of activities.

The D-Stress Zone will feature a multitude of ways to relax in any Scout or Scouter’s own style. Sit back with good company over a needed cup of tea or coffee in a coffee shop like environment. Unwind by taking a guided nature walk with deep-breathing exercises. Destress by showcasing work at poetry night or listening to variations of smooth jazz. Get creative and paint a pet rock, or enjoy a yoga session—all levels of experience are welcomed!

The D-Stress Zone isn’t the only way to unwind; enjoy various activities to refuel. For the active staff member, throw a frisbee with new friends or compete in the soccer tournament. Or relax by watching a film or the newest episode of a favorite television show, playing Xbox or PlayStation 4, or showing off dance moves. An added bonus: meeting thousands of people from all over the world while relaxing and enjoying the fun. After all, one can’t fuel Scouting’s adventure if one can’t refuel themselves!

More information on how the Operation Arrow Recreation Committee will have a meaningful impact on your jamboree experience will be available as we approach the jamboree.

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