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Participant takes SBR experience to the classroom

Scoutmaster B.J. Jordan with Troop 510 from Bowling Green, KY was taking a graphic design class while his Troop were the first participants to go through the James C. Justice Scout Camp here at Summit Bechtel Reserve.  It just so happened that his class project and the program shared a common thread – Skateboarding.

The project was to design 3 separate skateboards that had a common overall theme, yet can stand alone in three individual sub-categories, all of which can be produced, and finally put together an info-graphic that explains the boards.

Here is the report that B.J. prepared:


His final designs for the skateboards  and info-graphic from the project are below.

BOARDS Final Fn Combined

Summit Infographic Final (003)

Great Work B.J.!

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