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Sea Scout Base-Galveston Nears Completion

If open water is your thing, check out Sea Scouting‘s newest base. Sea Scout Base-Galveston has been hosting high adventure trips since 2011, but the facility is expected to be completed this year. As with most projects of this scale, it took years of planning and coordination—and a passion for the project—to get to this point.

“One day in 2007, Bay Area Council Scout Executive Chuck Herrera’s office called him to say a man had come by to talk about Sea Base Galveston. At that point, the base was little more than a vision Herrera had for facilities and programs to put Scouts in boats on the waters in and around Galveston Bay. It took Herrera most of an hour to get back to the office, but the visitor, Charles Doolin, waited, and the two struck up a conversation that lasted three hours.

“From that beginning sprang Sea Scout Base-Galveston, a complex anchored by a five-story, 60,000-square-foot building with lodging, a cafeteria, classrooms and offices now rising on the shores of Offatts Bayou on Galveston’s landward side.”

Read the whole story online at Scouting magazine.

For additional information on national high adventure programs within the Boy Scouts of America, visit’s high adventure page.

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