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Why Shortcuts Can Cause Pain

It is easy to understand why some Scouts, Scouters and visitors might try to take a shortcut rather than staying on the trail. It looks quicker, but leaving the trail can be dangerous.

Slipping and falling in a shortcut can cause sprained ankles, scrapes, bruises and even broken bones or head injuries. These injuries will make your Jamboree experience less fun.

Also, bites from “natural occupants” in a shortcut, such as snakes and animals, are not fun encounters.

You are not the only one who can be hurt by taking a shortcut. Cutting across the trail can injure the environment by creating a new path for soil erosion and damaging plant life. As Scouts and Scouters, we should practice Leave No Trace techniques in all of our hiking.

So stay on the trails and have a safe, fun-filled Jamboree!

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