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Snapchat at the Jamboree

As tens of thousands of Scouts participate in the 2017 Jamboree, many will be using Snapchat as a way to share experiences with their friends at Jamboree and back home. But there’s more to using Snapchat at Jamboree than meets the eye.

Scouts who use Snapchat may not be surprised to find Snapchat Geofilters for many of the Summit’s Base Camps, program activities and landmarks. Because of the National Jamboree’s prominence, Snapchat has generously deployed filters throughout the Summit.

Eleven site-wide geofilters represent Base Camps Alpha through Delta, as well as four Summit filters, and two Jamboree filters. Snapchat also added action-oriented filters such as “Adventure Awaits”, “Earned it!”, and “No Party Like a Scout Party.”

You can also track down site-specific geofilters, at program areas such as the Rocks, STEM Quest, the Park, the Summit Center, and at Big Zip. Operation Arrow also has a special filter that can be unlocked by visiting them. AT&T is big part of the filter game, too, and is sponsoring filters in Scott Summit Center and AT&T Stadium.

Out of the more than 30 Snapchat geofilters spread across the Summit, the most coveted is the JamboLink HQ filter, which is available only at the JamboLink Headquarters. Visit us next to Jamboree HQ for a Snap!

The most exciting news for Snapchat users goes far beyond the Summit. On Thursday, July 27, the Jamboree will be featured nation-wide on Snapchat’s “Our Story” area. This story will be displayed to users all across America.

All of the content for this story will come from the Snaps of participants at the Jamboree: when you snap, add your Snap to the Our Story “Jamboree Life,” and your snap could get a national audience!

This is a great opportunity for Scouts to share their story with the world. And best of all, it will be us Scouts sharing our experiences of the Jamboree — an authentic look at how great Scouting can be.

JamboLink has partnered with Snapchat for this initiative, and a team at Snapchat has been assigned to support the project. Snapchat is even sending people on-site to the Jamboree for support. Nationwide stories are typically reserved for major news events; recent features include awards shows and the latest Game of Thrones premiere.

Snapchat is specifically looking for the coolest selfies and videos of all awesome activities at Jamboree, whether you’re patch trading or riding ATVs. Show and tell the world how much fun you’re having in Scouting, and make them wish they were at Jamboree with you!

And finally, make sure you are following the official 2017 National Jamboree account: @jambo2017. JamboLink Snapchat lead Jeremy Dueñas and his team have been on the move throughout the Summit for the last three days collecting Snapchat stories to share with their thousands of followers. “Yeah, it’s cool,” Dueñas said. “Make sure to follow the Snap Boyz at jambo2017!”

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