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So What’s The Story On Showers?

I keep hearing the question, “Why don’t we have hot showers at the Summit?” I can answer that with one word: sustainability. Sustainability has been a key component of the Summit’s development plan since its inception.

Sustainability is all about preserving our environment for future generations. As Scouts, that’s something we should all take seriously. Our Leave No Trace program is a sustainability initiative. At the Summit, we are kicking it up a notch and integrating sustainability practices on a much broader scale.

What does that have to do with hot showers? It’s simple, really: Not having hot showers allows us to save water (over 7.5 million gallons during the jamboree) and reduce our energy consumption—two key sustainability objectives.

By using ambient temperature, reduction in water and energy use is substantial. We estimate the use of tepid water will cut the average water use per Scout by 50 percent—and no, it’s not because they’ll take fewer showers; it’s because they won’t be standing under a constant stream of hot water when they do shower. In addition, by not heating water for showers, we expect to save as much energy as it takes to support nine households for a month.

I encourage you to learn more about sustainability. Here’s one place to start: 

You’ll hear more about our sustainability efforts at the Summit in future blogs. Want more information on the showers? Check out this post about how our sustainability practices are being integrated.

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