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Special Guest Cartoonists – Mason and Mick Mastroianni – B.C.

Mason Mastroianni is the mastermind behind the B.C. comic strip, with writing assistance from his brother Mick. B.C. was originally created by Mason’s grandfather, the late Johnny Hart. The comic strip is carried in newspapers worldwide. Today’s cartoon was created specifically to run in conjunction with the 2017 National Jamboree in celebration of Boy Scouting and Venturing.

When asked what caused Mason to want to create a nod-to-Scouting cartoon, Mason replied with “Because our buddy Rich asked us to participate and we think it’s a terrific project.” Mick while showing how he has the perfect mindset for Scouting noted: “It’s cool to teach kids survival skills ’cause you never know when the zombie apocalypse is coming!”

So what fuels their artistic passion? Mason suggested that “Well, my family business, of course, plus I have loved to draw of all my life.” Modestly not even mentioning his extensive schooling in the field of art. Mick hit directly to the core of what makes most cartoonists tick by stating “My love of making people laugh!” For B.C. Mick and Mason co-write the gags (aka cartoon dialogue) and Mason illustrates them up.

JamboLink thanks Mason, Mick and the whole B.C. gang. Learn more about them at their website and Facebook.

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