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Stadium Show, Base Camp Bashes, and JamboPalooza!

Stadium Show Fashion

Attention Scoutmasters, Crew Leaders, Assistant Scoutmasters, Council Committees, and Contingent Leaders! The Opening Show at the AT&T Summit Stadium will be your Scouts’ first taste of how epic the 2017 National Scout Jamboree is going to be. This event, taking place on Saturday, July 22, will be an opportunity for your Troop, Crew, and Contingent to showcase your local pride by coming dressed in flair specific to your council or area. We invite you to ask your youth leadership to brainstorm some ideas of “flair apparel” items to wear that show a strong representation for council.

The ideas and opportunities are endless, but we ask that you be conscious of appropriateness and budgetary restrictions, as the costs of these items will affect participants and contingents. Be creative! The most attention-grabbing accessories will be sure to inspire our camera operators to get shots of your group on our big screens, live, in front of tens of thousands of Scouts and Scouters!

To jumpstart ideas, consider what your local Order of the Arrow Lodge brings and wears to National Order of the Arrow Conferences. Or, see a sample list below for possibilities:

  • Cowboy Hats
  • Cheese Heads
  • Flower Leis
  • Themed Sunglasses
  • Etc

Base Camp Bashes

One of the most exciting and engaging NEW events for Scouts happening at the 2017 Nation Scout Jamboree will be the Base Camp Bashes. Beginning around 8pm, these 90-minute “pop-up” experiences will be a combination of a concert, dance party and variety show, aimed at getting your Scouts FIRED UP. Those evenings that do not feature a show at the AT&T Summit Stadium, we’ll be taking the show on the road, bringing a stage and talent right to you in your base camps. After supper is prepared, consumed, and cleaned, your Scouts will not have to travel far to have one of their most memorable nights at the Summit…in fact, they can just join up with 2500 of their closest friends for an event close to home, where they can be the star! BSA Field Uniforms are NOT needed for these occasions, just have your Scouts bring their Scout Spirit instead! #ScoutingsAdventureLive

The Base Camp Bash Schedule:

  • Base Camp Foxtrot Bash – Thursday, July 20
  • Base Camp Charlie Bash – Friday, July 21
  • Base Camp Delta Bash – Sunday, July 23
  • Base Camp Bravo Bash – Tuesday, July 25
  • Base Camp Alpha Bash – Wednesday, July 26


Each morning, your Scouts will wake up, eat breakfast, and make their way to the program areas for a day of Scouting Fun. On Sunday, 23 July, however, the Jamboree features a much different schedule. Many Scouts will take the opportunity to attend worship services in the morning, from 7:30 am to 12:30pm. Following those, the main event will take place within the AT&T Summit Stadium. Back by popular demand, JamboPalooza, a carnival unlike any your Scouts have seen, will take place. Featuring obstacle courses, paint runs, live music and DJs, and a wide variety of games and challenges, your Scouts will enjoy partaking in all of the action, relaxing on the arena’s lawn, or taking in the live entertainment on stage. JamboPalooza will gear up as the worship services conclude and, last into the late afternoon. Make sure you send your Scouts to this fantastic experience, if nothing else, it is guaranteed to be the finest photo opportunity of the 2017 National Scout Jamboree!

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