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Staff Laundry Service

The laundry service at the Summit starts on July 18 and continues through July 26, 2017.

The laundry service is located in Camp B Medical tent area and Camp E in the Headquarters area. Laundry will cost $10.00 per bag. You can pick up your laundry the next day at approximately the same time and location were you dropped it off. Dry cleaning costs $6.00 per item and will take a day and a half for return at the same drop-off location. The laundry bag requires that you print legibly your last name and tent number on it with a permanent marker that will be loaned to you.

Please note – The first laundry bag is provided to you free on your first visit. However, additional bags cost $5.00 each.

At no point in time is the laundry service responsible for items that are left in garments.

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