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Staff member Designs Archery Gear While Penning a Novel About the Sport

Dale Morrell, a staff member at The Bows, has an idea that he thinks could reshape how Scout camps and others use compound bows.

Morrell, the chief executive officer and president of Morrell Targets, the top archery target provider in the United States, is working on a project called the Individual Shooting Code (I.S.C.) numbering system.

Most archery add-on equipment is specified to a certain type of person, but with the I.S.C. numbering system this equipment is now adjustable with a different number representing each adjustment. He said the system would makes compound bows much cheaper, because they can be one-size-fits-all.

Morrell said he got this idea because 98% of archers use compound bows while 98% of bows sold are not compound. The places that don’t buy compound bows are places like Scout camps; with the new system, they should be able to get the preferred compound bows. For right now, the system is still a work in progress, but you can check out what they have so far over at The Bows.

Morrell got into archery when he was 12 because his uncle occasionally would do it. The business came later, when he started creating more-practical archery equipment.

First he created a special stand, which was not very successful, followed by a few other products that did better. Morrell hit success when he created his signature target design and could guarantee a two-year warranty on it, something no one else could accomplish at the time. Since then, Morrell Targets has become one of the dominant players in the target industry.

Morrell also is a novelist. His novel, Archers, was a project in his mind for several years. He got the idea in a dream. He initially started writing it as a screenplay with his daughter, but that didn’t make it very far. As time went on he kept adding bits and pieces to the story in his mind until he finally decided he need to write it all down before he retired so he started writing down on airplanes, up in tree stands — whenever he could.

When he was finished he took his book to a publisher and a few days later they called him saying a movie producer wanted to make a movie out of the book. There are now two different screenplays with a third in the works. A director has not yet but chosen but he wants the main lead to be Scott Eastwood.

The story is about two Army special-ops buddies who are bow hunting in Colorado when one of them takes a big tumble down a hill and starts to shoot at his buddy, believing him to be the one who had captured and tortured him in Vietnam.

For the next five days, the delusional one tries to hunt his buddy down and kill him while his buddy tries to capture him before he kills him. At the end of the movie Dale wants there to be footage of Boy Scouts, 4-H members and members of other youth groups doing archery. The goal would be to promote archery and get more people interested in it, especially youth.

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