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Staff Solar Showers Are a Hit!

The new solar-heated showers in Base Camp Echo are an almost unanimous hit with staff members. But they’re not always perfect, so we were curious — what’s the best time to use them?

JamboLink surveyed 40 randomly-selected staff members with the question, “What’s the best time of the day to use the new solar-heated staff showers?” While the clear plurality of staffers prefer evening showers, there’s by no means a consensus. Here are the full results.

“Don’t be first in the morning, because the water doesn’t warm up quickly.” -Linda Baker, International Scouting

“I’ve been there at three, four in the morning, and the water’s still warm!” -Dave Windsoh, Retail Operations

“The women have their own secret and they’re not sharing.” -Michelle DeDeo, Operation Arrow

“It’s actually hotter in the morning than it is in the evening!” -John Cartier, Jamboree Housing

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