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Start to “Be Prepared” for Eighth Jamboree Presidential Visit on July 24

President Donald Trump will become the eighth sitting president to visit a jamboree when he arrives at the Summit Bechtel Reserve on Monday, July 24.  The President will address the 2017 National Jamboree at approximately 6:00PM, immediately preceding Monday night’s show.  

Because of the logistical requirements involved with hosting the president, there are some changes to Monday’s activities around the Summit, and some procedures to follow when attending the show. Detailed information will be released directly to leaders and staff on Sunday, July 23, at 12PM through the LeaderLink and StaffLink emails.

All jamboree participants and staff are strongly encouraged to opt-in to push notifications on the official jamboree app, powered by AT&T, to receive the most up-to-date information leading up to the visit.  

Although details are being finalized, here is some initial information so you can “Be Prepared” for the president’s visit:

Program and activity times on Monday will be shortened to facilitate security preparations. Program areas will begin closing at 10:00AM, and by 3:00PM, all jamboree program will cease so participants may return to their subcamp.  The full list of program and activity closing times will be provided Sunday, and the schedule inside the jamboree app will be fully updated as well. Scheduled unit activities, such as Messengers of Peace Day of Service, the Trek to Garden Ground and whitewater rafting will continue, but with a slightly adjusted schedule.

Units will mobilize in their subcamp and travel together to AT&T Summit Stadium for the visit. Each base camp will be assigned a time to mobilize, and it is important all participants return to their sub camp according to schedule. Each Base Camp will take an assigned route to the stadium and once there, expect TSA-style security procedures for entry. It is important that your unit sticks together throughout the mobilization process.

Base camps will be assigned to enter the stadium through one of two security checkpoints — all checkpoints will close at 5:30PM, and anyone outside the stadium (including those still in queue) will not be admitted. Due to the long mobilization, the jamboree will provide food to participants inside the stadium and water stations will be available.

There will be prohibited items, such as metal water bottles, backpacks and bags, umbrellas, chairs, posters, walking sticks, knives, and flashlights. These items will be detailed in a list tomorrow. It is important these items are not brought to the stadium. The visit will be rain or shine, and since rain is currently forecasted, plan on bringing raingear. Other, normal jamboree weather precautions will be in effect. Immediately after the president speaks and departs, jamboree operations will return to normal and Monday evening’s show will commence.

Extensive details on program, mobilization and the stadium experience will be announced in LeaderLink and StaffLink at 12PM on Sunday.  Make sure to check your email, jamboree social media, and the official jamboree app for updates.

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