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Summit Center Buzzing with Activity

Many fun activities are located at the Summit Center, a central hub across the lake from Base Camp Charlie. The myriad of activities and tents located near the gorgeous Goodrich Lake vary enough so every person walking around will find something to fit their fancy.

For those who are interested in soaking up as much information as possible, there are informational booths on the 2019 World Scout Jamboree and the “Wild, Wonderful, West Virginia” tent. The West Virginia tent has several interesting exhibits inside, including booths about coal, NASA and agriculture, while “Take Me Home, Country Roads” plays on a constant loop. The center also has several merit badge tents, for badges such as Genealogy and Family Life.

One interesting exhibit is sponsored by the National Eagle Scout Association (NESA). This large, fan-cooled area has an assortment of patches for sale, a stage on which speakers can perform and even a live eagle to take pictures with. Right next to the main NESA tent is a Scout pole carving area, where participants can use mallets and chisels to create designs in wood.

The Duty to God and Country tent offers booths highlighting organizations representing many religious groups as well as more patches. Near the Duty to God and Country tent, you can find ScoutChat, an exhibit where Scouts will have the opportunity to hear famous individuals speak and share their stories.

Space camp, carnival fishing games, real fishing and fly fishing are all offered at other spots at Summit Center — and don’t forget to snack on some free Jack Link’s Jerky from their booth.

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