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SummitCorps Scouts Raise Money With Patches

Throughout the month of July, Arrowmen from around the country traveled to West Virginia for the biggest youth project in National Park Service history: SummitCorps.

Suitcase full of patches
Where do you keep your patches? (Photo by midnightcomm/Flickr Creative Commons)

They came to build miles of trails, but ended up making an even bigger impact on the community. About $15,000 bigger.

Each week of SummitCorps brought with it a new group of Arrowmen, and with them a new batch of patches. At the end of each week, Arrowmen held a patch auction to sell their precious collectibles in order to raise money for local organizations.

The auctions proved to be a huge success raising $15,357.50 which was then split between 7 different organizations.

Here’s the breakdown:


Would you pay that much to get your hands on a 2013 National Jamboree Patch?

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