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Taking Care of Your Property

As the 2017 National Jamboree wraps up, keep this point of the Scout Law in mind: A Scout is Thrifty.

Take care of the possessions that you’ve brought with you to jamboree.

Loss and theft unfortunately are always possible at a large event like jamboree. You can minimize the chances of that happening to you by being thoughtful and careful.

Be careful at phone-charging stations. If you’re plugging in somewhere, stay with your phone. It may seem inconvenient, but if you come back to find your phone and/or its charger cord are missing, you’ll understand why sticking around was necessary.

It’s not too late to label your items, including your day pack. Adding your name, troop and contact information to your property can make it a lot easier to track you down if they are found by someone.

If you do lose something, visit the lost and found. First check the lost and found tent nearest to where you think you left your item, whether in your subcamp or in the Summit Center. If it’s not there, check the central Lost and Found Headquarters next to the Jamboree HQ building. Remember, you’ll receive a special patch if you use the lost and found to locate a lost item.

Conversely, a Scout is Helpful. Being mindful of others’ belongings could help another Scout out of an unpleasant situation.

If you find something that appears to be lost, attempt to notify the owner if contact information is available. Then head to the lost and found tent nearest to where it was lost. And if something’s out in the open where it might be vulnerable, make sure it stays safe.

Together, we can all work to make sure each other’s jamboree experiences are as fantastic as possible.

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