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The Barrels: 2013 Jamboree Shooting Sports Curriculum Update

If you dig shooting sports and variety, you’ll dig The Barrels.

There are tons of ways to test your marksmanship this summer at the 2013 National Scout Jamboree.

If you select this curriculum, you get a 4-hour priority access pass to all of the activities at The Barrels. Try them as often as you like.

Here’s what’s available for the 2013 jamboree:

  • Shotgun shooting traps—50 stations
  • Shotgun sporting clays—80 stations
  • Shotgun compact clays—5 stations
  • .22 caliber rifle—30 stations
  • .223 caliber rifle—20 stations
  • .308 caliber rifle—10 stations
  • .22 caliber pistol—20 stations
  • .22 caliber pistol Steel Challenge—3 stations
  • 9 mm pistol Steel Challenge—1 station

Sweet, right?

Read on to find out more about what goes on at each activity.

Trap Deck

Two shooters stand on a wooden deck facing the woods while the trap machine launches two targets at a time. Using a two-shot shotgun with a recoil absorber you’ll take aim at  20 total targets while under the supervision of an instructor. Expect to spend about 20 minutes on each game. Return and give it a go as many times as you like at one of 50 trap deck stations.

Sporting Clays

This is a new activity at the jamboree that simulates hunting birds in the woods. It’s been described as “golf with a shotgun” because of the varying nature of each station. The challenge here is that the traps throw at different trajectories—crossing, divergent, parallel, etc.

In addition, you’ll have six targets total launched in pairs. The first two targets will be launched separately, the next two as a “report” pair (the second target quickly following the first), and the last two targets together. Each session consists of six stations.

If it sounds challenging, that’s because it is. You’ll need supreme focus here. You’ll also have the option to take all targets as singles.

Compact Sporting Clays

This is basically the same as having five sporting clay stations very close to each other. There are five different layouts, each presenting different targets.


This is the first time Scouts will be allowed to shoot a high-powered single-shot bolt-action rifle. The rifles are mounted in clamps that keep you shooting in a safe direction but still allow enough movement to sight in the target 50 to 100 yards away. Your performance will be electronically relayed to the shooting position.

Your age will determine which of the three calibers—10-shot .308 and. 223, and 20-shot .22LR—you can shoot.  You will be shooting individually under the supervision of an instructor.


This is the first jamboree where Scouts can shoot 9mm or .22LR pistols. Taking aim from beneath a purpose-built shooting deck that prevents misfires from leaving the range, you’ll fire at targets 15 to 35 feet away. You’ll have one magazine of ammunition to shoot multiple rounds.

Steel Plates

Another first for the Scout jamboree, this is a variation of the Scholastic Steel Challenge that features four layouts with five targets each. This is basically a speed event where you have to shoot and hit all five targets in the shortest time while under the supervision of two instructors, one on each side of your position.

Because the targets are steel plates, each hit results in a sharp “ting.” Although there are only five targets, you will have a full magazine (17 or 20 rounds) to attempt to hit all the targets.

Upon hitting the last target, the clock will stop and the result will be posted on a big TV screen, which will also show the top 10 marksmen for that station. The guns will be the same as the pistol discipline—9mm and .22LR.

To be able to shoot this game, you must first demonstrate proficiency at the pistol range.

Target Sports at the Summit Center

Target sports available to participants, unit leaders, staff and daily visitors at Action Point will consist of 10 Laser shooting stations and 15 15-yard 3D archery stations.

A Couple of Things to Remember

For both pistol and steel plates, only Venturers and Boy Scouts who meet the Venturing age requirement (13 and completed the eigth grade) will be eligible to participate. These are the only two shooting sports events with an age restriction.

Scouting safety protocols will be strictly enforced at all target sports activities. Please click through to learn more.  


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