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The Best News About Whitewater Rafting Since Paddles Were Invented

Whitewater rafting is the most fun you can possibly have while sopping wet.

We all know that.

But have you wondered: What age do you have to be to go rafting?

No Whitewater Rafting Age Restrictions for Jambo Participants

Guess what? If you’re old enough to go to the jamboree, you’re old enough to go whitewater rafting at the jamboree. You need to be at least 11, if you’ve graduated from 6th grade, or 12 if you have not.

Cool, huh?

That’s because the river we’re going rafting on, a section of the New River here in the heart of West Virginia, is pretty perfect for everyone, all abilities, and all people of jamboree age.

What You’ll Find Out on the River, Rapidwise

The New River has all kinds of fun stuff going for it.

In particular, you’re going to see some big, rolling rapids that you’ll get to run. There are waves full of white-crested frothitude that will hit you and your friends in the face.

It’s a blast.

Not too big. Not too small. In fact, the rapids are certifiably and by every conceivable-measure, just right.

[pullquote]If you’re old enough to go to the jamboree, you’re old enough to go whitewater rafting at the jamboree.[/pullquote]

The One Catch

The New River is really big.

But it can only hold so many Scouts. That’s just a fact of nature that can’t be avoided.

What it means is that, when you pick your activities, there’s a chance that you’ll get whitewater rafting if you put it down on your list.

There’s also a chance that you won’t. In all, 12,000 Scouts and Venturers will get to go rafting at the jamboree.

So, if you really want to experience whitewater rafting at the jamboree, get registered now. And, when it comes time to select your curriculum activities, make your rafting selection ASAPP! (Which stands for “as soon as paddling-possible,” by the way.)

And keep in mind that the jamboree just happens to be crammed full of fun things to do. No matter what, you’re in for the time of your life at the Summit.

Well, are you ready to raft? Have you taken on whitewater before? Let us know in the comments.

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