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Rock On: 2013 Jamboree Rock Climbing Curriculum Update

Rock Climbing at the SummitWe’ve got the lowdown on The Rocks climbing curriculum coming on line for the 2013 National Scout Jamboree.

We’re not talking about clones of this guy; we’re talking about a rock climbing setting and curriculum specially made for the Summit to offer as many climbing challenges as humanly possible.

Features (or Your Climbing Cup Runneth Over)

Rock features? No shortage here. Check it out:

  • Two rappelling towers with a total of 36 rappelling stations at a height of 32 feet (6 stations are dedicated “leap of faith” stations).
  • Three climbing fins with 68 manual belay stations at heights from 21-30 feet.
  • Two climbing fins with 33 auto-belay stations at heights from 25-35 feet.
  • One 25-foot high climbing fin with 8 climbing stations (6 manual, 2 auto-belay).
  • One bouldering area with 50 stations and an average height of ten feet.


Noob? No worries. Get the basics and see if rock climbing’s your thing.

Or are you a rock jock? You know, chalk and grit under your fingernails, a coil of rope permanently draped over your shoulder? Great. We can hook you up, too.

[pullquote]Either way, you’ll leave with rock climbing skills and techniques you can take to your local gym, Scout camp, or out on the rocks with your unit or friends.[/pullquote]

A small instructor to participant ratio (1:6) means plenty of one-on-one instruction so you can get dialed in on the correct use and types of rope, hardware, knots, belay methods, and critical verbal communication used in climbing.

As an added bonus, you can rack up many of the Climbing merit badge requirements during your session.

Sounds pretty good, yes? How about joining the staff at the Rocks? You can do that here.


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