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Three Reasons Everyone Needs The Jamboree Summit App

What Is Patrol Z?Whether you’re heading to the Summit as a jamboree participant, staff member, or visitor, the Jamboree Summit App is one of the smallest items you need to pack. If you’re an Apple iOS or Android user, here are three reasons to download the app today:

  1. Scouts and Venturers participating in the jamboree can view their activity schedule within the app. That means no more hassle with a printed schedule getting wet, blowing away, or getting lost in your day pack. Less paper consumption also means a more sustainable jamboree, one of the key visions in shaping the Summit.
  2. A detailed map of the jamboree site will ensure that everyone stays on course. Less time spent navigating the vast Jamboree site means more time zip-lining, rock climbing, and enjoying some of the biggest and wildest jamboree activities ever.
  3. Finding your friends at the jamboree has never been easier. Using the People tab of the Jamboree Summit App, you can spot your friends on the Summit map. With so many adventures to discover, there’s no time to lose searching for a buddy.

You can find the Jamboree Summit App for 99 cents in the Google Play Store and iOS App Store by searching “Summit Scouts”. Make sure you’re prepared to Go Big and Get Wild at the 2013 jamboree with the Jamboree Summit App!

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