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Trading Post Has it All

Welcome to the Jamboree! Did you forget a mess kit, or leave behind deodorant, toothpaste, or other toiletries? Where’s your rain gear?

If you found that you’ve arrived at the Summit Bechtel Reserve, but left something behind, the gear you need to get you through your stay is at the Trading Post.

Participants can pick from two Trading Post locations: the Gateway Trading Post and the Legacy Trading Post. A third, the Echo Trading Post, is in Echo Camp and is reserved for staff. For maps and directions, use the search feature in the Jamboree App.

The Trading Posts stock solar and battery power banks, hydration supplies and plenty of souvenirs such as stickers, belts, buckles, shirts and a plethora of patches. Cash and credit cards are accepted, and ATMs are on site. Gift cards are available for purchase too.

Special-edition Jamboree gear is purchased fast, so be sure to visit the Trading Post several times during your adventure to take advantage of new patches of the day and other special opportunities.
Hours (Also available the Jamboree App)

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