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USA Cycling at the Summit Bechtel Reserve

Spandex and Carbon Fiber?

You may have wondered about the group that was ripping around the Summit a while back with fancy bikes and tight clothing. That was the USA Cycling East Coast Mountain Bike Talent I.D. Camp, an invite-only training camp for advanced riders aged 13-17.

Camps like this are part of something they call the USA Cycling Development Pathway. Some crazy good kids take this track all the way to pro riding with team USA.

Why the Summit?

Skills were the main focus of the Talent I.D. Camp. Many of the riders were prepping for the USA Cycling Mountain Bike National Championships, which happened on July 16, 2018 in Snowshoe, West Virginia.

The Summit has over 30 miles of West Virginia bike trails. The trails go from beginner cross country trails to advanced downhill courses. It was a good spot to train for Nationals. The riders were also able to take a day trip to Snowshoe.

Summit’s National Champ

Merv Davis was was a coach and trail guide for the I.D. Camp. He won the Men’s Senior 25-29 Cross Country National Championship at Snowshoe in 2017. Before his major racing days, Davis was a BMX manager at the Summit.



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