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Want To Fly At The Summit?

You’ve heard about Mayhem Mountain, and how you can catch some big air at the Summit’s high-adventure activity area for BMX and skateboarding. But just in case that isn’t your style, there is another way you can fly at the 2013 jamboree.

Just sign up for the Summit’s activity area for zip lines and canopy tours!

It’s Going To Be Huge

It’s true. This activity area is going to be bigger and better than any experience you’ve seen before. And with over 7 miles of zips expected on site, we’ve brought in some of the top professionals in the world from Bonsai Design, Inc., to make sure it’s a one of a kind experience.

Now, just picture yourself simultaneously zipping with 9 other Scouts and/or Venturers, while being able to see the arena, mountain bike trails, lakes and beautiful West Virginia mountains. That’s just one of the experiences you’ll get at the activity area for zip lines and canopy tours!

Can’t wait? Sign up for for the 2013 jamboree today!

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