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We’ve Got Target Sports!

The days are quickly counting down now as we are just under one year away from the fun and excitement of the 2013 National Jamboree at the Summit.  This latest blog post about programming at the Summit contains information about target sports. This is another part of our world-class program experience which is more diverse, more intense, higher-energy, and more physically challenging than ever before.

Target sports (i.e., shooting and archery) have long been a part of our national jamborees and Boy Scout summer camps all across the U.S.  But the Summit takes these activities to an exciting new level.

All of these activities will take place along Arrowhead Ridge in two venues called the “Barrels” and the “Bows.” Let’s start with the Barrels.  Here’s a list of the different shooting sports you can choose from:

  • Shotgun Shooting Traps – 50 stations
  • Shotgun Sporting Clays – 80 stations
  • Shotgun Compact Clays – 5 stations
  • .22-caliber rifle shooting – 30 stations
  • .223-caliber rifle shooting – 20 stations
  • .308-caliber rifle shooting – 10 stations
  • .22-caliber pistol shooting – 20 stations
  • .22-caliber pistol Steel Challenge – 3 stations
  • 9 mm pistol Steel Challenge – 1 station (for older Scouts and Venturers only)
  • Airsoft  Village No. 1 (Practice Field)  – 20 stations
  • Airsoft  Village No. 2 (Jungle Field)  – 32 stations
  • Airsoft  Village No. 3 (Village Field)  – 32 stations

By the way, Airsoft shooting is at targets only, not at each other!

And here’s a list of the archery activities you will find in the Bows:

  • 10-meter static archery – 20 stations
  • 15-meter static archery – 20 stations
  • 90-meter archery – 10 stations
  • 3-D archery – Two trails with 18 stations each
  • Sporting arrows – 14 stations

By the way, sporting arrows is a new concept where you shoot arrows at moving targets similar to how you shoot shotguns at sporting clays.

In the next blog we’ll continue our series on the high-adventure activity areas with information about the aquatics and scuba areas.  In the meantime, look for special Summit jamboree program patches in your local Scout shop related to each blog.

We would love feedback from you anytime about anything related to the jamboree program.


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