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What’s All The Focus On Mountain Biking?

I didn’t know much about mountain biking when I first arrived at the Summit. I soon realized I’d better study up when it became clear this would be one of the defining challenge events on the site.

It turns out, 21 of 36 miles of mountain bike trails are already in place on the Summit, and that’s just the beginning. By leveraging the area surrounding the Summit, we have virtually unlimited trail possibilities; but I’m getting ahead of myself. Perhaps a little introduction would help.

On the Summit we will have four types of mountain bike courses: downhill (referred to as DH among mountain bikers), cross-country (XC), dual slalom, and skill development courses. Downhill is what the name implies, only it’s not necessarily a smooth ride. Downhill tracks include jumps, drops, and areas of rough terrain; XC includes climbs and descents on a variety of terrain; dual slalom is two side-by-side courses that allow for challenge racing; and the skill development courses include closed-loop pump tracks and a dirt jump park (Look ’em up!).

Mountain Biking
Mountain biking at the Summit. Bigger, better, faster and more fun! (Photo by Summit Blog Staff)

We recognize that picking bikes that provide the maneuverability, brakes, and toughness to withstand the rigors of these courses is pretty important (street bikes wouldn’t last long on these trails). We also recognize not everyone will arrive at the Summit as experienced riders. In July we’ll be putting Scouts on a variety of mountain bikes to test the trails and help us determine the equipment we will be using on the site. We’ll also be providing three different trail skill levels: green for beginners, blue for intermediate, and black for advanced riders.

If you’re scheduled to attend the Summit Shakedown, you’ll be among the first to ride the Summit’s bike trails. If not, you might want to start working on your leg muscles now if you’re planning on visiting the Summit in the future!

Good Scouting!


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