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You Shaped The Summit: Action Sports

We asked all of you to help shape the Summit. In response, we received more than 1,000 survey and Facebook comments from Scouts, Venturers, Scouters, volunteers and many more. Thanks to all of the participation, we are now better suited to build a world-class destination for action sports.

View the results from the Shape the Summit survey.

We Listened

Construction is under way at the Summit Bechtel Reserve this summer to begin building samples of each action sports basecamp. Tom Wagner, Action Sports Development Director from TrinityWorks, is in charge of the construction of all of the action sports basecamps at the Summit. He said that the action and adventure basecamps will “reinforce the commitment to the selection process” of Shape the Summit.

Here are some of the comments that were left on the Summit Bechtel Reserve Facebook wall and in the discussions tabs that helped with the design process.

Water Sports

Facebook Post from John

John is right. Water sports are a must. If whitewater rafting is too intense for you, or you need another way to cool down, you’ll be able to swim, snorkel and even go SCUBA diving. The Summit will have several pools available for SCUBA, swimming and other activities, and lakes for other aquatics and boating sports.

You’ll also be able to travel off-site to go whitewater rafting or kayaking in the New River .

Zip Line Canopy Tours

Facebook Comment from Matthew

By the end of the August 2011, over 1,400 feet of dual zip lines will be built at the Summit for demonstration and testing. The dual zips will allow for racing, but more importantly, they will allow for twice the amount of Scouts and Venturers to zip every day.

Mountain Biking

Facebook Comment from Stephen

West Virginia is a mountain biking dreamland. There are endless miles of trails in the New River Gorge area of all different types and difficulties. The Summit property will have a downhill mountain biking course as well as access points to over 40 miles of trails on the surrounding property. Wagner said that the trails at the Summit, “will hook [Scouts] to the sport of biking for the rest of their life.”

Want more info? Our post, Are You Ready To Jump On A Bike?, has more about the downhill mountain bike course, while SummitCorps Getting their Hands Dirty in the NRG has more about the trails surrounding the Summit in the NRG.

Skateboarding And BMX

Facebook Comment from Brian

The skateboard and BMX basecamp will feature a little bit of everything. The Summit will have indoor and outdoor features including bowls, ramps, rails, boxes and more. The park will also have a foam pit for you to test all your new tricks out. There will be plenty of hits in the basecamp that will allow for skaters and riders of all skill levels to throw down.

Check out Heelflips, Tailwhips And Foam Pits, for more information about the design of the basecamp and what you can expect at the Summit.

[pullquote]“There’s only one Summit.” — Tom Wagner, Action Sports Development Director, Trinity Works[/pullquote]

In addition, you’ll be able to go rock climbing and rafting. You’ll also be able to test your shooting skills and try out some adventure courses. You’ll never be bored.

With all of your feedback, the Summit will become a place to love. You’ll never forget the experiences you had because, as Wagner said, “there’s only one Summit.”

You all shaped the Summit. Now what are you looking forward to the most?



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