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2017 National Jamboree Passport Program

Throughout the years, the program for many of our National Jamborees has included the opportunity for youth and unit leaders to earn an award for their participation. As its name implies, the participation award is intended for those attendees who visit and see most of what the Jamboree has to offer.Jamboree Participation Award Patch

A variety of forms have been used for this award including small patch segments to place around the official jamboree patch and, in 2013, a special patch with various colored ribbons. For 2017, the participation award will be a special version of the official Summit Bechtel Reserve arrowhead patch with a silver mylar border and a small jamboree emblem superimposed on the bottom area of the patch.

The requirements to earn this award are integrated with the new Jamboree Passport program sponsored by the Pulitzer Center, Scouting Alumni & Friends (SAF), and the Summit Bechtel Reserve Staff Association (SBRSA). The purpose of the participation award and the Jamboree Passport program for the 2017 National Jamboree is to ensure participants are able to experience all aspects of the jamboree. This includes attending the Summit shows, visiting various exhibits throughout the jamboree, and attending one of the faith-based services that will be held during the jamboree.

Passport Program Stamps Obtained at:

  1. AT&T sponsor exhibit (lonnie poole gateway in Scott Summit Center)
  2. West Virginia exhibit (lonnie poole gateway in Scott Summit Center)
  3. Basecamps (basecamp hq and subcamp hq areas)
    • Alpha
    • Bravo
    • Charlie
    • Delta
    • Echo
    • Foxtrot
  4. SBR bear paw logo (high adventure exhibit in action point)
  5. Ziplines (big zip and Scott Summit Center zips)
  6. Canopy tours (action point and the canopy)
  7. Challenge courses (action point and the ropes)
  8. Climbing and rappelling areas (boulder cove and the rocks)
  9. Mountain biking (action point and low gear)
  10. BMX (action point and the trax)
  11. Skateboard (action point and the park)
  12. Archery (the bows)
  13. Shooting sports (the barrels)
  14. Aquatics
    • Scuba (the pools)
    • Kayak (tri-dave lake)
    • Stand up paddleboard (upper Goodrich Lake)
    • Water reality (upper Goodrich Lake)
  15. River rafting (check-in area in delta basecamp)
  16. Disability awareness challenge (action point
  17. Stem quest (stem quest area near the pools)
  18. Garden Ground Mountain (mount jack aka Garden Ground Mountain)
  19. Military exhibits (freedom field and freedom trail)
  20. Conservation trail (adjacent to boulder cove)
  21. Sustainability trail (sustainability treehouse)
  22. Brownsea Island (Goodrich Lake near boulder cove)
  23. Scouting heritage (action point exhibit area)
  24. Boys Life/journalism (Scott Summit Center)
  25. Order of the Arrow (action point exhibit area)
  26. NESA (legacy village in Scott Summit Center)
  27. 2019 World Scout Jamboree (action point exhibit area)
  28. Messengers of Peace Day of Service (legacy village in Scott Summit Center
  29. Duty to God and country (legacy village in Scott Summit Center)
  30. Pulitzer Center (exhibit area in Scott Summit Center)

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