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5 Adventures You Can Do At The Summit That Don’t Require A Helmet

What’s the best thing about being a Scout?

How about the adventures?

Well, just so you know, there WILL be plenty of your favorite Scout adventures at the 2013 jamboree.

Here’s what I mean: Of course, there’s no lack of adventure with whitewater rafting, zip lines, climbing, mountain biking, BMX, skateboarding, stand up paddleboarding, shooting sports and SCUBA diving.

But you can’t just be full-throttle all the time.

And in that case, here are 5 things that don’t require a helmet, that you’ll have an opportunity to do at the 2013 jamboree.

It’s a Scout’s World

  1. Work on merit badge requirements. Our experts tell us there are going to be plenty of opportunities to do merit-badge-related-stuff. Need a badge in shooting sports? Check out this link about the range at the Summit.

    What is your favorite thing about being a Scout!?
  2. Patch Trading. Patches? We love patches. And what better place to improve your collection than at the jamboree with 40,000 other Scouts!?
  3. Give Back. Take advantage of one of Scouting’s greatest traditions, giving back to the community. Check out more on the jamboree’s Day of Giving and what you will be doing to help the area surrounding the Summit.
  4. Visit friends and family at the Summit Center. Have family members or friends that want to experience the Summit? Good! Because at the Summit Center, you can experience some of the joys of the site with samples of all your favorite high adventure activities!
  5. Enjoy free time. Even with a schedule stacked full of high adventure, there is still plenty of free time to explore and get to know the Summit better. Want to check out another activity area? Here’s your chance.

What’s is going to be your favorite activity at the 2013 jamboree?

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