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Behold, The Mark Of The Z!

What Is Patrol Z?You might not have known it, but a lot of the stories, photos and videos you see here on this site were thought up, created and edited by Scouts and Venturers just like you.

But, now, you’ll know for sure.

Patrol Z is a team of digital media-producing Scouts and Venturers from around the country. Patrol Z was created in tandem with the launch of the Summit Bechtel Reserve to give the youth who make Scouting what it is a voice to talk about all the incredible stuff they’re doing.

Most recently, they designed a logo for the unit. (That’s what you’re seeing here on this page.) Any place you see this logo, it means that story was brought to you by Patrol Z.

Still curious about this mysterious unit? Learn more about them on the What Is Patrol Z? page.

Want to see what Patrol Z is covering? Take a look at the adventure and excitement they’re reporting on in their region in this collection of Patrol Z stories.

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